About us

We believe inspiring extraordinary performance with our strategies and solutions is more emotional than transactional. At the end of the day it’s all about the feeling that comes over you and your target audience (employees, channel partners, sales team…).

Maybe it’s accomplishment, or pride or that warm, fuzzy sense of being a part of something special…the goal is to capture that sentiment and make it work for your organization going into the future!

Developing new event programs, creating out-of-the-box and unforgettable experiences, using our imagination and local expertise's ...this is exactly what we do!


Our team works with your ready-made ideas and scenarios, turning them into real events. Our strength lies in the optimal selection of service providers and partners, thereby complementing your idea with our experience and reputation, and optimizing the processes of interaction between the parties. Thus, our company is your guide to the world of Event tourism, where among the variety of options, locations, and services, we will offer what suits exactly your unique idea.